Cascading Lingual is a powerful extension to Cascading that simplifies application development and integration by providing an ANSI SQL interface for Apache Hadoop. Now you can connect existing business intelligence (BI) tools, optimize computing costs, and accelerate application development with Hadoop.

  • Migrate Workloads to Hadoop
    Optimize computing costs by quickly migrating workloads on to Hadoop through Cascading applications or simply ‘cutting and pasting’ existing data warehousing or legacy SQL statements on to Hadoop.
  • Export Data off Hadoop
    Because Lingual is ANSI-standard compliant and supports the standard JDBC interface, you can now query and export data from Hadoop directly into traditional BI tools and other critical applications.
  • Simplify Systems Integration
    Lingual inherits the power of Cascading, which means you can now integrate and process data from heterogeneous sources with one SQL statement over JDBC.

Lingual Benefits

  • Connect existing BI tools and critical applications to Hadoop
  • Optimize computing costs by migrating SQL queries to Hadoop
  • Accelerate application development and testing
  • Lower the Hadoop adoption barrier


    Going beyond ‘SQL-like’, Lingual is a mature implementation of ANSI/ISO standard SQL-92 built on top of the Cascading framework
  • JDBC Driver
    The standards compliant JDBC driver enables integration with many existing BI tools and application servers
  • SQL Shell
    An interactive SQL command interface for interacting with on Hadoop and executing SQL commands
  • Catalog
    Command line tool that allows users to curate a catalog of database tables mapping to Hadoop files and resources
  • Data Provider
    Allows Lingual to query data simultaneously from multiple external systems with a single SQL statement

Quick Install

curl | bash


Lingual is currently under active development and available as source in the Lingual project or Maven artifacts on Conjars.

To add the Conjars repository:


To include the Lingual core library:


To include the Lingual platform library:


To include the Lingual Hadoop library:


To include the Lingual local library:




Lingual integrates Cascading with the SQL query language and a JDBC driver. Because Lingual is built on top of Cascading, any Lingual based code will function with your other Cascading applications and flows.


Lingual applications will work with Driven. You can build your applications with Lingual and visualize them in Driven, just like any other Cascading application.


  • About Lingual
    Lingual was created in collaboration by the developers of Cascading and Optiq, and relies on the robustness of both. Cascading is the de facto Java API for creating complex data processing workloads and the engine underneath Scalding, Cascalog, and others. Optiq is a SQL parser and optimizer written by the author of Mondrian.