Cascading is the proven application development platform for building data applications on Hadoop.

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Simplifies systems integration through ANSI SQL compatibility and a JDBC driver


Enables various machine learning scoring algorithms through PMML compatibility


Enables development with Scala, a powerful language for solving functional problems


Enables development with Clojure, a Lisp dialect

Latest News

Fluid — A Fluent API for Cascading

We have announced our new Fluid project and need your help in testing it out. Fluid is an API library exposing the Cascading library as a Fluent API. Fluid’s primary goal is not only to make hard things possible, but also to keep simple things…

IntelliJ Plugin for Cascading

We have published an initial IntelliJ plugin for Cascading designed to improve the experience of developing data-oriented applications in modern IDEs. The first version of the plugin allows developers to quickly visualize and debug their Cascading code with Driven when developing with IntelliJ. Project:…

Driven 1.0

We are happy to announce that Driven 1.0 is now generally available. Driven provides developers with operational visibility for Cascading applications, including those built with Cascading dynamic programming languages (i.e. Scalding, Cascalog, Lingual, Pattern, etc.). Existing users should also make sure they have the latest…


We are happy to announce a new open source project that we have been working on: Cascading-Hive. Now, you can use Cascading and Apache Hive together. Key Features: Run Hive queries within a Cascade Read from Hive tables within a Cascading Flow Write/create Hive tables…

Driven Updates – App Performance, Teams

We pushed out a new Driven update this week with a some major enhancements: Graphical view of performance metrics at the step level for each application Team management capabilities to allow team members to view the same applications Numerous improvements to graph rendering and visualization…

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