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Quickly start building Cascading apps with these tutorials and code samples contributed by Concurrent and members of the Cascading community.


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Leverage existing MapReduce in a Cascading Application
This six-part tutorial series gets you started with Cascading
Test driven learning tutorial for Cascading
Make Amazon’s Redshift a Cascading tap
An example Cascading app based on City of Palo Alto open data
An example Cascading app with a simple social recommender
A simple example of a Cascading word count application
A simple example of a Cascading log parser application
A simple example of a Cascading log analysis application
Performs analytics on data sets with a Scala-based API

Visualize all your Cascading data apps including apps built with Lingual, Pattern, Scalding, Cascalog, etc.
Data processing with Apache HBase via Cascading Lingual
Create a workflow exporting data from Oracle into Hadoop
Migrate models from SAS, R, etc. onto Hadoop and deploy at scale
A simple PMML example of Cascading Pattern
A robust PMML example Cascading Pattern
An example for model testing with Cascading Pattern
A tutorial for running Cascalog on Hadoop
Introducing Cascalog (pt1, pt2)
An introduction to Cascalog
Similar to Cascading for the Impatient, but for Cascalog
A tutorial on JCascalog, the Java interface to Cascalog
A tutorial for creating a Facebook-like news feed
A tutorial for handling excess tuple fields
A tutorial for defining predicate macros
How to deal with Hadoop security exceptions
Testing Cascalog with Midje (pt1, pt2)
A helpful Cascalog testing suite


Related Tutorials

Bixo is web mining toolkit that runs as a series of Cascading pipes
Elasticsearch can used in Cascading as a SourceTap or SinkTap
Jading is a build and execution tool for Cascading.JRuby
Leiningen is for automating Clojure projects
PyCascading enables Python code for MapReduce-like execution


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