Cascading 2.7 Release

We are happy to announce that Cascading 2.7 is now publicly available forĀ download. This is the last planned minor release of Cascading in the 2.x line before we make Cascading 3.0 final.

This release contains new features and bug fixes. In summary, two features of particular interest are PartitionTap support for small files, and Traps can now capture diagnostic information on the failure. Changes of note are:

  • Added support for o.a.h.m.l.CombineFileInputFormat in the Hadoop specific c.t.h.PartitionTap implementation.
  • Added c.t.Tap#prepareResourceForRead() and c.t.Tap#prepareResourceForWrite() methods to allow for client side tap resource initialization.
  • Updated trap handling to capture diagnostic information within a trap when configured via a c.t.TrapProps instance.
  • Updated c.t.u.TupleHasher to use MurmurHash3 32bit for hashCode calculation.
  • Added ability to provide a custom cache to be used in c.p.a.AggregateBy and c.p.a.Unique.
  • Updated c.f.h.MapReduceFlow to support both the org.apache.hadoop.mapred.* and org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.* APIs.
  • Updated Cascading SDK

For more details on new features and resolved issues see theĀ change log.