Cascading 2.2

We are happy to announce that Cascading 2.2 is now publicly available for download.

Cascading 2.2 includes a number of new features and updates:

What’s New in Cascading 2.2
– First class support for field level type information used by the planner
– Pluggable API for custom type coercion on custom types
– Support for blocks of Java “scripts” in addition to expressions
– AssemblyPlanner interface to allow for platform independent generative Flow planning
– Optional CombinedInputFormat support to improve handling with lots of small files
– Added FirstNBuffer and updated Unique to leverage it for faster performance
– MaxValue and MinValue Aggregators to allow for max/min on Comparable types, not just numbers

What’s Improved in Cascading 2.2
– Updated relevant operations to optionally honor SQL like semantics with regard to NULL values
– Updated SubAssembly to support setting local and step properties via the ConfigDef interface
– Updated FlowDef to accept classpath elements for dynamic inclusion of Hadoop jobs
– Updated GlobHfs to minimize resource and CPU usage

For more details on new features and resolved issues see: