Support for Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Today we are excited to announce official support for Amazon Elastic MapReduce.

With the Cascading 1.0 (Hadoop 0.18.3+) build (downloads), users can write and push their application into a dynamically provisioned Elastic MapReduce cluster via the AWS Console or the Ruby Command Line Client.

We also created the Cascading.Multitool, an application that allows users to create and run Hadoop data processing jobs using simple program argument parameters, very much like unix pipes and filters.

You can read more about Multitool and how to use with with Elastic MapReduce on the AWS Developer site.

You can also find a link to the Multitool source repository on the modules page for use against your own local cluster.

We are very excited about offering support for this new service, and hope our users watch this space for some additional announcements in the near future.