News and Announcements

The Cascading 3.0 Query Planner

Cascading 3.0 WIP Now Supports Apache Tez

Fluid — A Fluent API for Cascading

IntelliJ Plugin for Cascading


Cascading SDK 2.5

Lingual 1.1

Cascading Training

Cascading 2.5

Lingual 1.0

Cascading 2.2

Lingual – An Introduction

Pattern – an Open Source Project for Migrating Predictive Models from SAS, etc., onto Hadoop

Concurrent, Inc. and O’Reilly Media Unveil ‘Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading’ Book

Cascading Pattern – Machine Learning for Cascading and Hadoop

Lingual Public Access

Lingual’s Architecture

Cascading Lingual – True SQL for Cascading and Hadoop