Use Cases

Build Mission-critical Applications with Cascading

Enterprise IT

Extract Transform Load
Log File Analysis
Systems Integration
Operations Analysis

Corporate Apps

HR Analytics
Employee Behavioral Analysis
Customer Support | eCRM
Business Reporting


Data Processing of Open Data
Geospatial Indexing
Consumer Mobile Apps
Location Based Services

Marketing / Retail

Mobile, Social, Search Analytics
Funnel Analysis
Revenue Attribution
Customer Experiments
Ad Optimization
Retail Recommenders

Consumer / Entertainment

Music Recommendation
Comparison Shopping
Restaurant Rankings
Real Estate
Rental Listings
Travel Search & Forecast


Fraud and Anomaly Detection
Fraud Experiments
Customer Segmentation
Customer Churn Analysis
Customer Experience Analytics
Risk Management
Insurance Risk Metrics
Sentiment Analysis
Contact Center Efficiency Optimization

Health / Biotech

Aggregate Metrics for Govt
Person Biometrics
Veterinary Diagnostics
Next-Gen Genomics
Environmental Maps