The Cascading Software Development Kit

The fastest way to get started with Cascading and to install Cascading based tools. The SDK includes Cascading 2.7 and related projects in a single archive.

See the compatibility chart for more details. If your distribution is not listed, please contact the vendor to see if they are certifying their distribution for use with Cascading.

Amazon Elastic MapReduce

To pre-install the Cascading SDK on Amazon EMR, use the following bootstrap action.
--bootstrap-action s3://

The bootstrap action will unarchive the SDK and include any available tools to the default PATH. By default screen is automatically installed.

Note the bash-emr project has a few helper scripts for running EMR clusters from the command line.


Feel free to redistribute the SDK under the Apache Software License only if all compatibility and functionality tests pass.

See the section Redistribution in the project README.

To be included in the Cascading compatibility chart, please email