Driven — Build Better Applications

Driven allows data application developers be more efficient throughout the development process, resulting in the faster delivery of more reliable, production-ready applications. Driven works with Cascading, Scalding, Apache Hive, Hadoop MapReduce and Apache Spark.

How Does Driven Help?

Driven Visualization

  • Understand what your applications really do at runtime
  • Quickly debug your applications
  • Pinpoint application bottlenecks caused by data or code
  • Keep track of all your applications and their history
  • Collaborate with colleagues to resolve application issues

How to Get Started

You can access Driven in TWO ways:

  1. Driven Online

    The online version is free for development use. Simply register and add the Driven Plugin to your CLASSPATH and start visualizing your data pipelines today.

  2. Driven Download

    Alternatively, Driven can be downloaded and installed locally. In this case, you will download and install the Driven Server as well as the Driven Plugin. The download package comes with embedded ElasticSearch so there is no additional set up beyond the Driven components for you to get up and running.

For more information and to sign up for either Driven Online or to Download Driven, please visit our Driven Trial Registration page

Need help? Please visit the Driven forums for support: Driven Support.


How do I get access to Driven?

Driven is a free online service for development that is available to any data application developer. Simply register for Driven Online and you will be able to immeidately visualize, debug and test your MapReduce, Hive, Cascading, Scalding or Spark applications.

Is Driven compatible with Cascading DSLs (i.e. Scalding, Lingual, Cascalog) too?

Yes, Driven is compatible with Cascading and any DSL that is based on the Cascading framework such as Scalding, Cascalog, Lingual, etc.

Is Driven compatible with Hive?

Yes, Driven is compatible with Hive. It works out-of-the-box with Apache Hive without any need to place a Cascading wrapper around your Hive queries. Driven also works with Hive-Flow queries

How does Driven work?

Driven utilizes a plugin to collect and send application telemetry data to a Driven server. All you need to do is add the plugin to the classpath of your application. The plugin then sends application telemetry data only (and not your actual data) to a Driven Server over a secure connection. You can then view your application from any browser. The plugin does not add any performance overhead to your applications.

How can I learn more about Driven?

Visit the Driven product page for more information, resources, and demostrations at

Get Driven

Driven’s cloud version is a free service for development use only. A paid self-hosted version is available for production use. Please contact us if you’re interested in licensing Driven for production use.