Cascading 3.0 release

We are happy to announce Cascading 3.0 is now publicly available for download.

The biggest change in this version, compared to previous releases, is Cascading has added native support for Apache Tez along side Apache Hadoop MapReduce and Cascading’s native local in memory mode. It is now trivial (a matter of changing a few lines of code) to move your application to run on Tez instead of MapReduce. We’ve seen others run performance tests with Scalding and Tez and are reporting significant performance improvements.

This milestone release of Cascading with Apache Tez support means we’ve completed the work to the query planner to make it faster for us and the community to integrate Cascading with other compute fabrics, as they become available. We hope to announce additional platform support in the near future.

Along with the ease of adding new platforms, the new query planner should also show some improvements over Cascading 2.x execution times on MapReduce. Additionally, we’ve given the developer direct control over how they optimize their MapReduce and Tez jobs perform so you can tune performance to your specific needs.

Please note this is a major release, thus all deprecated methods have been removed, along with some incompatible API changes to the Cascading public API, you will need to edit and recompile in order to upgrade to 3.0.

As we continue to advance the code base, a number of other enhancements and bug fixes are included in the release. For the complete list of changes in Cascading 3.0, please see the change log.