Fluid 1.0

We are happy to announce that Cascading Fluid 1.0 is now publicly available.


Fluid is an API library exposing the Cascading library as a Java fluent interface and mirrors all of the Cascading concepts without introducing new ones.

As a fluent API, Java IDEs, like IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse, will auto-suggest the next API call based on the prior method call. Only methods that would logically be next in the chain will be suggested. This lowers the burden on new Cascading developers who wish to rapidly create data-processing applications on Apache Hadoop.

The Fluid API is generated directly from Cascading compiled libraries and supports all currently supported Cascading final and WIP releases, including Cascading 3.0 WIP which provides support for Apache Tez.

Current release Java docs can be found here:

To see Fluid in action, checkout part 6 of the Cascading for the Impatient series which has been ported to Fluid:

The source to the complete ported Impatient series: