Lingual 1.0

We are happy to announce that Lingual 1.0 is now publicly available for download.

Lingual provides an ANSI SQL interface on Cascading for Apache Hadoop.

The purpose of Lingual is to ease migration of SQL based workloads onto Hadoop, and to simplify integration with Hadoop through standards based APIs.

All the while benefiting from the robustness of Cascading.

Key Features:
  • ANSI SQL – A mature implementation of ANSI/ISO standard SQL-99
  • JDBC Driver – The standards compliant JDBC driver enables integration with many existing BI tools and application servers
  • SQL Shell – An interactive SQL command interface for interacting with on Hadoop and executing SQL commands
  • Catalog – Command line tool that allows users to curate a catalog of database tables mapping to Hadoop files and resources
  • Data Provider API – Allows Lingual to query data simultaneously from multiple external systems with a single SQL statement

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