Cascading 2.0 Early Access

After months of work, we are very happy to announce availability of Cascading 2.0 WIP (Work in Progress).

2.0 is still under development, but it has become stable enough for us to make the work public so we can get early feedback on the APIs and other related changes, without causing unnecessary headaches to early adopters.

Currently nearly all changes are internal except for these…

  • Decoupled internal planner from Hadoop and providing a “local” mode planner for fast in-memory processing.
  • Changed the Tap APIs to improve development of custom taps.
  • Changed Cascading license from GPL v3 to Apache 2.0.

Do note we have a number of additional improvements in the works commonly requested by users. More on that soon.

To download WIP builds, please visit the Concurrent downloads page. Or grab the source from the public Git repository on GitHub.

For a comprehensive list of changes, see the CHANGES.txt file.