Monthly Archives: April 2010

Cascading 1.1.0 Available

We are happy to announce that Cascading 1.1.0 is now publicly available for download. This release features many performance and usability enhancements while remaining backwards compatible with 1.0. Specifically: Performance optimizations with all join types Numerous job planner optimizations Dynamic optimizations when running in Amazon… Continue reading

Interview on Parallel Programming

A very interesting interview with Billy Newport on InfoQ about “the need for higher level abstraction to do parallel programming with multi-core systems effectively.” “Billy Newport is a Distinguished Engineer working on WebSphere eXtreme Scale (ObjectGrid) and on WebSphere high availability.”

Cascalog: An Interactive Query Language

Nathan Marz has just announced and released Cascalog. Cascalog is an interactive query language for Hadoop with a focus on simplicity, expressiveness, and flexibility intended to be used by Analysts and Developers alike. Cascalog eschews the SQL syntax for a simpler and more expressive syntax… Continue reading

Karmasphere Studio Ships with Cascading

The recently released Karmasphere Studio 1.2 now includes support for Cascading 1.0 in the free community download. Karmasphere Studio is an IDE and Debugger for Hadoop MapReduce application developers that also includes integration with the Amazon Web Services platform. And with Cascading support directly in… Continue reading

Cascading 1.1 RC3 Available

Cascading 1.1 RC3 is now available from the downloads page. Note we are no longer serving downloads from Google Code but from links off the download page.